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Remnant of Memory – 2018

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Remnant of Memory – 2018

Currently, I am working on a new installation piece titled Remnant of Memory.  At the end of December 2017,  I created a large composition consisting of several of my sculptural pieces.  These pieces were stacked on top of one another to create a massive pile that I later set on fire.  After the fire burned down, the remaining charred pieces were collected.  These charred remains will be part of an interactive installation that will involve me and the viewer in a physical process of grinding the charred remains into a fine powder.  The powder will then be collected, placed in small glass jars and then stored in a curio style cabinet.  All the while during this process the viewer, now participant, and I will have the opportunity to engage in conversation about the issues concerning what it means to let go of once important issues, objects, relationships, etc.

The curio cabinet will be constructed of reclaimed lumber with glass doors and shelves.  The cabinet will have 8-10′ tall legs making it impossible to access from ground level.  With that being said, I am also constructing a 12′ tall “A” frame ladder that will be used to access the cabinet.

In future posts, I will be discussing the sculptures that were burned as well as the symbolism found in the objects and process of this piece.

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